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Discover why we started the project and what we achieved so far.

Values and vision

What are our core values and our vision.

Ynibox Server : an introduction

A short video to highlight the main features of the Ynibox Server.


The Ynibox helps a library to implement easily digital tools.

The Ynibox is a softawre who can be installed on almost any computer. It allows a collection catalogue to be accessible with a digital device (phone, tablet, computer) and helps the reader find what he wants in the documents. It allows the readers to access Wikipedia and other resources without internet access, and free of charge, on his own device. It allows the sharing of an optional internet access, implementing parental controls. It allows local users to share contents they made, with moderating mechanisms. The Ynibox is available for free and can be installed on any laptop PC computer. It requires low maintenance and can be powered by solar panel, The device comes with self training material and documentation. All you have to do is finding a name : YouNameItbox.


Existing libraries running Ynibox

Burma French Institute

This public library has more than 10 000 documents, including books, newspapers, DVD, CD, tablets, ereaders and laptops. It. has been updated with the Ynibox to allow users to browse the books catalog and enjoy electronic resources in a context of endemic low speed internet access.

Trishaw Books

Mobile library deployed in the streets of Yangon, Myanmar. This first prototype includes 300 books, thousand of ebooks and e-resources, chairs, umbrellas and lights. It is powered by solar panel and used to create a library in a public space for a couple of hours..

French international school of Yangon

Scholar library with 3000 documents, 10 ereaders, 25 tablets, 12 computers, board games, and more. Photo (c) David Clavé.

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