Operational Partners

Alongside core and institutional partners, some other organizations have been more than helpful : Monuments books, in link with Monument Toys, donated more than 50 books and board games. Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation provided more than 7000 Burmese ebooks.  

Mingalabar Festival

The Mingalabar festival is a great event. This is the framework for French Institute support for Trishaw Books. We’ll unveil the mobile library during the festival : December 2 in Wardan Jetty, from 2 pm to 6 pm. December 4 in Myaynigone flyover, between 10 am and 1 pm. December 4 in People’s Park, between[…]

Ultra Mobile Library

The Suitcase is made to be on the move and create a library in schools, villages, for a few hours. It can move in public transport and be run by one person only. The lightest of the mobile libraries is designed to operate in various areas, from community centers to public parks. What’s inside ?[…]


The TaxiBox is a secured library for IDP and refugees camps.It is used mostly for Education in Emergency. Its size makes it fitting into any public taxi in Myanmar. Designed to provide immediate and innovative responses to populations in emergency situations, especially children’s who by natural disasters or civil conflicts and war, have no access[…]